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What was Mishkan – by Yitz Grossman

Located by Yitz Grossman.

The Mishkan was the embodiment of kedushah, holiness, on this world. It teaches us that the mundane can – and should – be elevated. This is the concept of Judaism – elevating the mundane, sanctifying the physical. Whatever Hashem created can be used for a sublime purpose. When we take that attitude to simply physical matters. surely we can apply it to people. Regardless of one’s background or religious affiliation, he can become holy. The spark within him is a living potential. It only has to be stoked, and the flame will rise. 

When the Torah commands us to perform a mitzvah, it first relates the concept of the mitzvah before getting to the “how to” aspect of it. It is, therefore, surprising that concerning the construction of the Mishkan, the Torah immediately presents the “how to” aspect. “Take for Me”; first comes the fundraising, and later the purpose of the funds is elaborated. Should it not have been the other way around? I want you to construct a Mishkan for Me, where My Presence will repose; then, we get into the fund-raising component Construction needs financing. In order to perform this mitzvah, the people have to open their wallets and part with some money. 

Applying the earlier idea concerning the underlying concept of the Mishkan, Horav Mordechai Gifter, zl, explains what appears to be the reversed roles in the mitzvah of building Hashem’s Mishkan. The Rosh Yeshivah explains that financing the construction of the Mishkan was not merely a preliminary stage in the process of building the Mishkan. Instead, it was actually the first step in the building process. Giving of one’s possessions to make the Mishkan meant elevating mundane matter and sanctifying it. This is the concept of the Mishkah. The Torah, therefore, instructs us to take terumah before the actual command to construct the Mishkan is conveyed, because doing so embodies the very essence of the Mishkan. 

I think we can extend this idea further. What is the difference between donors? Why is it that, for some, parting with their possessions for charity is a breeze while, for others, it is a traumatic experience. When one views tzedakah giving as elevating his material possessions, granting them consecrated status, contributing becomes an uplifting experience. For those who view it as a “pulling teeth” experience, it becomes somewhat of an ordeal – both for the donor and for the beneficiary. 


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