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The real merchandise – by Yitz Grossman

Interesting explanation found by Yitz Grossman.

Another explanation is that someone who buys merchandise and goes out on the road is afraid he might get robbed. But someone who learns Torah has nothing to fear. Can robbers steal the Torah he has within his heart? That is what the verse means when it says, “For I have given you a good purchase.” 

Our Sages tell a story of a ship at sea whose cargo was merchandise owned by the passengers. Among the passengers was a Torah scholar. He was asked where his merchandise was. He replied, “It is hidden.” 

They asked him, “But why will you not show it to us?” 

He replied, “When we reach land, I will show you my merchandise.” 

The other merchants searched the ship and could not find any clue to this man’s merchandise, and therefore they laughed at him, since they did not believe he had any merchandise at all. 

When they reached land, the local tax collectors came and took all that they had. The people on the ship were left without money for either food or clothing. 

The Torah scholar, however, entered the local beis midrash and gave a Torah lecture. The people there, seeing his wisdom, gave him honor and supported him financially. The others who had been with him on the ship approached him and begged, “Please, since you know us from our trip together, give us a recommendation so that we too can find something to eat.” 

What was the cause of this scholar’s salvation? It was the Torah that he had in his heart. That is what the verse means when it says, “For I have given you a good purchase.”


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