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Literal Meaning – Yitz Grossman

Yitz Grossman.

The sefer Yaaros Devashvv by Rav Yonason Eibushitz implores us to regret our sins with all of our hearts. We must recognize the righteousness of Hashem’s judgment of yissurin (suffering). No one escapes yissurin; however, some ascribe it to chance, not realizing that it is a punishment for sins. Hashem is just – He makes a person suffer in this world in order to cleanse him before he enters the next world. Subsequently, he will not suffer the eternal embarrassment of coming to the next world with sins, which is a far worse punishment than yissurin. Is any justice greater than this? Rav Yonason exhorts, ‘Have intense regret on your sins! If you sin only once or twice, you are still a son to your Father in Heaven. However if you continue to sin deliberately (poshea), you become a ben sorer umoreh (rebellious son) whose punishment is death. Hashem mercifully lowers your status to a servant of the King, whose punishment is placement in chains (yissurin).’ This is the kavannah of ‘selach lonu AVINU ki chotonu,’ – we are still like a son to a Father and only need selicha. ‘Mechal lonu MALKEINU ki poshonu’ – we have gone down to the level of a servant to a King and need mechila. Selicha alone is enough to completely erase chet; however, mechila for pesha also needs yissurin. Therefore, we should cry rivers of tears to Hashem that He generously forgive and completely erase our transgressions without having to suffer yissurin. Besides their unpleasantness, they cause bitul Torah and tefillah (wasting of learning time and missing fixed prayers).” 

The literal meaning of selicha is eradication of the aveyra completely. Our souls are left as clean as if we never sinned. Mechila is a removal of the punishment. In the end of the blessing, we praise Hashem for being ‘mochail vi’solaich’ – He forgives aveyros completely, and not just the punishments.vvi Avodas HaTefillah And so, with this regret and confession, we have the opportunity to complete the teshuva process, cleansing our souls of our sins!” 

Yitz Grossman.


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