A great parable

Posted by Yitz Grossman.

A mother once sent her child to the store to buy bread and milk. The little girl arrived and found the store closed; yet inside the locked doors, she saw a lot of activity. “Why is the store closed?” she asked the owner. “Young lady, today we received our weekly shipment from the supplier. We are unloading it and putting it on the shelves, so that we will have plenty of food to sell during the rest of the week.” The analogy is apparent. During the six days of the week, we are taking from the storehouse. Shabbos is the day that the storehouse is replenished. That is why no mun fell on Shabbos, the day of loading the storehouse.

The Zohar continues to say that a person who believes in Hashem should set his table on Shabbos, put food on the table, and eat a meal. This will enable him to receive Hashem’s blessings all six days. What is the connection between eating a meal and receiving a blessing? Eating is our most basic connection to Hashem. When a person eats, he physically feels attached to Hashem. Before the meal, he is hungry, tired, and weak. As he eats, he digests the food and instantaneously absorbs life energy. One who realizes that the food comes from Hashem understands that he is absorbing life from Hashem. When he is eating with the proper kavannah (intention) he realizes that Hashem is the One who is giving him life. Therefore, we must eat a meal on Shabbos. We must get close to Hashem in the most basic way, by eating, at the time when the blessings are coming from Heaven, on Shabbos.

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